Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Fond Remembrance….

Childhood is perhaps the most elusive part of our life which whirrs by sooner than we realise. My way of reminiscing and cherishing what has gone by is to spend time with those still in it. It’s cliché but nevertheless the sweetest truth I love to keep hearing – Children are God’s own creation. Caught up in the grown up world with its own trials and tribulations, the pit stop I always choose to have before I decide to trudge on in my next chosen path is to spend some quality time with kids.
Nithi And Shradhu - They are my pit stops
To me, being in their company is being in the company of simplicity and innocence all built into one combo package. I always fall short of words to explain why this is so. This is definitely something that is better understood by experience. My niece once asked me a question – “Is it true that God is everywhere?”. I answer yes. The next question followed – “Is that why you want me to say sorry to God whenever I stamp my book?”.  I say yes. I wasn’t prepared for what came next. “Does that mean I need to apologise to God everytime I sit on dad’s lap or jump on him, because God is there too?”. 

They remind me that life is not just about achievements, accomplishments or whatever big words we choose to justify our course of actions. Children are living testimony to the fact that life is in taking strolls to the park, in flying a kite, in counting stars, in listening to the birds chirping, in floating boats in rainwater. This is just as 
undemanding as life could get.

I don’t want to overstate that it is always wonderful being around children. Of course, there are bruised knees and broken noses that are to be bandaged. Of course there are broken toys and torn out books lying everywhere. They have a thousand questions that need answers. But at the end of the day, past all this when a child cuddles up in my lap or when those little fingers hold me tightly, all my troubles melt away and I know that beyond all the naughtiness the child is a just a little bundle of joy finding fulfilment in whatever little things it does.

 If God were to give me another chance to be a child again, I would perhaps be jumping guns to relive it. Again, I know it’s cliché but I also know you guys would do the same if you were given the gift of childhood again.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I was refreshed writing it. J


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Soul Explorer

The debates on the existence of that eternal supernatural power are many. The explanations offered for the doctrine of God are numerous. Some say that God is not to be searched beyond but that each soul is God in itself, while some say that love is God. Some insist that it is our own thoughts and beliefs that give form to it and make things work. But amongst all these principles I see only one common undercurrent that propels us all. It is the fact, that the search is not as elusive as it is portrayed, that it is not the search outside but that within.

Many experiments have been made in our film industry on this controversial, but profound subject with films like “Anbe Sivam”, “Naan Kadavul” and the most recent “Delhi 6”. All the stories keep telling us the same thing. God as we have been taught to see in temples, mosques, churches or Gurdwaras are all the positivity that is present in our own souls.

With the quest to understand ourselves begins the journey to understand that eternal power. Only if we learn to understand who we are would we be able to comprehend our social ecosystems. Only if we love ourselves could we love others. Only if we learn to deal effectively with our own negativities can we learn to deal with the negative entity that wreaks the rest of the world. Only if we are able to satisfy our own conscience and take responsibility for our actions will be able to make peace with our destinies. Only if we find joy within ourselves would we be able to find joy with others.

To all those reading this blog, I would like to say this. This is not an attempt to preach anything. This is a space I have used to share what I see as I begin my journey of self discovery. This blog is an attempt to enlighten nobody, but it is one of revelations as I learn to see the world in a different perspective – a perspective in which there is one soul understanding itself and merging with that great ocean of humanity.